Muslim Contributions and their Impact on Humanity and in Development of Society

One of the oldest religion known to mankind, Muslims have been a driving force behind the evolution of society and Muslim contributions in the various field over the centuries have made the world a better place to live. Islamic civilization started promulgating its religion from 600 A.C, and the religion enjoyed supremacy in every field of society till early 20th century. During this period, the time between 7th to 15th centuries is considered as the golden period of Islam, and the religion flourished to unimaginable heights during this period. The period was quite excellent, and Muslim scholars, scientists, preachers, and intellectuals became quite popular, and the world witnessed their talent and recognized quite gracefully.

Muslim Contributions

During this period the Muslim Contribution to the world was way more than any religion, and it brought back Europe from the darkness and made it a place for business to promote its revival on the world stage. Contrary to the popular notion, that Islam only produces terror and support terrorists, the religion has done a lot for society, and Muslim contribution to medicine, science, technology, writing and art has been tremendous and is worth recognizing. Here are some different fields where Muslims have had a greater impact over the time and contributed to the betterment of society.

Contribution of Muslim Scientists in Physics:-

Muslims by nature and attitude are considered as full of wisdom and thought, and there have been numerous philosophers that have contributed to the development of humanity. Muslim contributions to the field of philosophy have been immense, and it was Muslim scholars who translated wisdom in ancient Greek text to the Arabic language. 

It was Muslim Scholars who promulgated the ideas and philosophies of Great Greek minds like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates in Europe and this was the reason Europe could emerge from the darkness and witness renaissance.

Contribution of Muslim Scientists in Physics

Al-Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun are recognized as great thinkers of their time and promoted philosophies which were in the interests of people, not any specific religion. Ibn Khaldun is regarded as the founder of sociological sciences and paved the way for adoption of better culture and practices in the world.

Muslim Contribution to Science:-

Science is one branch that could not have come this far had it not been Muslim contributions and the impacts that Muslim scientists have had on different branches of Science. One of the greatest scholars of the science of his time, kamaaludeen examined the refraction of sunlight in raindrops, and he also went on to explain the genesis regarding primary and secondary rainbows. 

The invention of pendulum and representation of the water clock is also quite well known and Haaroon Ar- Rashid is well known. The contribution of Muslim scientists in science is quite well known, and some historians have always been of the opinion that Science of chemistry owes its origin, development, and improvements to Muslims. 

Along with chemistry, Muslims Scholars have been quite upfront in the development of physics as well contribution of Muslim scientists in physics has always been recognized at the highest level. Mohammad Abdus Salam shared the noble for physics in 1979 for his contribution in the field of theoretical physics, and he also unified electromagnetic forces.

Muslim Contribution to Education:-

Muslims have always been well read, and this fact reflects in the way people of this religion behave and talk to people. Known for their discipline and sophistication, Muslims have been promoting the cause of education for women since ancient times. It was Fatima, and Miriam al-Firhi who started world’s first university in Morocco and the university also started the trend of awarding degrees to students. 

Muslim Contribution to Education

This trend later became immensely popular, and since then degree allocation system came into existence. Muslim contributions to society have been immense, and it was in Spain in the time between 8 to 15th century, that many Muslim scholars and educators taught Christian and Jewish students science and mathematics. The universities in Spain which were run by Muslim scholars formed the base of education in whole Europe, and the continent was revived from darkness through Muslim contribution to education.

Muslim Contribution to Medicine and Healthcare:-

Muslims contributions in the field of medicine and healthcare have been tremendous, and the religion is responsible for developing some biggest and oldest medical institutions across the world. The contribution of Muslim scientists in the field of biology and medicine over the centuries has given medical sciences some of the most suitable ways to treat severe diseases. 

Muslim Contribution to Society

Medical experts and eminent doctors like Ibn Sina, Ibn Maimon, Ibn Rushd, Al –Razi, Ibn Nafis contributed quite heavily to the field of medicine and came up with innovations and treatments that touched the lives of millions of people in coming years. Muslim contribution to medicine in the past and modern medical sciences has been immense and many medical surgeries, hundreds of medical terms are Muslim contributions to the medical sciences.

Muslim Contribution to Society:-

The religion of Muslim is synonymous with brotherhood and love and promotes unity and world peace. The modern Muslim keeps a very positive attitude and encourages the development of world through education and better opportunities. Whether it is inspirational educationists like Malala Yusufzai or preachers of humanity, all of them are working for a better society. Muslim contributions to architecture, art, writing, technology has been tremendous. The world without the people of this religion is virtually impossible to imagine, and Muslims undoubtedly will contribute in future than what they contributed in the past.
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