Social Services of the Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation is a non-governmental entity that is the established as a nonprofit corporation or an Islamic Charity Foundation. 

What is Islamic Foundation:-


The world Islamic Foundation with a principal purpose of making grants to unrelated an Islamic foundation prayer times, an Islamic foundation of education, Islamic research foundation, Islamic Foundation school, and Islamic cultural, Muslim community, or Islamic foundation trust purposes.

This broad definition encompasses two Islamic Foundation types: private Islamic foundations and grantmaking public Islamic foundation trust.

Definition of Islamic Foundation:-

A private Islamic Foundation receives its money from a family, an individual, or a corporation. An example of a private foundation is the Local Foundation.


In contrast, a grantmaking public Islamic charity Foundation trust (sometimes referred to as a "general fund") derives its help from diverse sources, which may include Islamic foundations, individuals, and government agencies. An example of a grantmaking public Islamic charity Foundation Trust is the Islamic Foundation for Women. Most community foundations are also grantmaking public Islamic Foundation Trust.


Please be aware that “foundation” is not a legal term, so if an organization has a word in its name, do not opine that it is a grantmaking Islamic foundation trust organization. 

Social Services of the Islamic Foundation:-

The Islamic Foundation's social services department (Islamic Research Foundation, Islamic Foundation Trust, Islamic Foundation of Education, Islamic Foundation School, Islamic Foundation Prayer Times, Islamic Services Foundation, and Islamic Charity Foundation) contains the many services aimed at serving to the wants of our growing community. Several of our programs are the supported by dedicated volunteers and generous contributors that facilitate in creating several of those programs possible. 


Look farther to your continued contributions, whether it has valuable as some time in volunteer ship, or whether it has supported as a result of there's no greater satisfaction than the sensation of serving to those who would like it the foremost. 

Objective of Islamic Foundation Trust:- 

The goal of the Social Services of Islamic Foundation Trust is to please the Allah by serving the Muslim society through the operation of programs that enhance the participation of the community at the giant.

The Islamic Foundation was the target of providing service principally on the topic of Islam to the Muslim community and to satisfy the information desires of the regular day faculty at the Islamic Foundation. A group of dedicated skilled people committee and commenced work on the project starting with empty walls and exiguous funds. 


As anyone will appreciate, building a library needs significant financial commitment.  By the Grace of Allah (SWT) and through the generous support of the Muslim Mosque and our community we have got come this far. Nonetheless, we have got plenty a lot of to create and to attain. We tend to hope that with Allah's facilitate and our community's support we will, Inshallah, reach our goal within the very close to future.

How do I find grants for the Islamic Foundation?

The process of finding grants usually begins with prospect analysis. The Islamic Foundation typically offer supported subject and region, therefore search for a donor whose interests match your organization's mission, programs, populations served, and locations served. 


Please note that Islamic foundations typically offer to nonprofits with standing. If you do not have the free standing, initially think about finding a non-profit-making to figure with or to act as your business sponsor. These would possibly assist you to qualify for many funding opportunities. 

Islamic Foundation Directory online is Foundation Center's searchable information that has an unexceeded level of comprehensive and correct information. You will be able to search supported subject, geography, grantmaker type, kind of support, trustee names, and plenty of different search fields. 

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