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The Arabic Muslim Greeting and Response Phrase "Assalamualaikum" meaning and response to reply with "Waalaikumsalam". Learn more how to greet with Muslim. In our era of globalization, we regularly acquire contact with new people entirely different from us. This can be notably true in international business settings. Need to greet a Muslim respectfully? Some straightforward rules can assist you to do this.

Muslim Greeting
Muslim Greeting and Response if you are a Non-Muslim:-

1. The Salam acknowledgment once meeting a Muslim. Greet a Muslim as they might greet each other. Arabic phrase "Assalamualaikum" (In English that means Peace be upon you).

You could conjointly prefer to use the longer Arabic phrase acknowledgment of "Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh" ("Peace be upon you so may the mercy of the Allah and his blessings”).


2. Don't expect the Salam acknowledgment from a Muslim. Historically, the Salam greeting was reserved for those of the Muslim religion thus if you are not Muslim you will not receive this response.

Some current Muslim students believe that, within the interest of worldwide peace and understanding, it has permissible to initiate the Salam greeting with non-Muslims. If you are doing, receive the Salam acknowledgment, respond greeting with "Waalaikumsalam Wa Rahmatullah."

3. Expect a Muslim to come back the Salam greeting. If greeted with the Salam greeting, a Muslim can answer a non-Muslim with the returned ("Waalaikumsalam Wa Rahmatullah").


It is compulsory for a Muslim to come back the Salam greeting, notwithstanding the faith of the different person. To refuse, this can be against their faith. According to The Holy Quran, the Salam greeting has been obligatory since the creation of Adam and is commanded by Allah.

Muslim Greeting Fellow:-

1. Welcome your fellow Muslim by the wish them peace. One should greet a fellow Muslim. "Assalamualaikum" is that the most standard Muslim Greeting among Muslims.

The minimum needed once greeting a Muslim. It is permissible to use the lowest acknowledgment once time is brief, comparable to once passing one another on the road. Add “Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.”

2. Take in mind that Allah commands that Muslims greet each other. Be conscious of the principles governing who initiates the greeting. The smaller cluster welcomes, the larger group. Say the Salam was greeting once incoming and going away a gathering.

3. Come back the greeting. Invariably acknowledge the acknowledgment by giving a response.
Greeting with "Waalaikumsalam Wa Rahmatullah."

Shaking Hands with Muslim:-

1. Shaking hands with male Muslims if you are male.  It is common for Muslim men to welcome. There is typically no prohibition against men shaking hands with different people. The exception is a few Shiah Muslims disallow shaking hands with any non-Muslims. Do not be pained if a Muslim declines to shake your hand.
Muslim Greeting and Response
2. Do not greet with Female Muslims if you are male. Whereas there is dialogue on the usefulness of female Muslims shaking hands with men, you must not do thus unless she initiates the contact. Many Muslim girls do not greet with people because of nonsecular prohibitions against a girl being touched by a person outside of her family. Some Muslim girls, particularly those operating in company environments, could greet with men. Some Muslim girls wear gloves so as to urge round the prohibition against touching a male who is not a relative.

3. Don't greet with male Muslims if you are feminine. Notwithstanding your nonsecular beliefs, you must not reach for a male Muslim’s hand unless he initiates the contact. Refraining from touching a girl he is not involving is taken into account a gesture of respect and modesty.
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